I have not done 360 degree panoramas for a while because I was limited by a single camera. The recent addition of a spectrum-modified SONY NEX-5 camera was motivating enough to try it again and I ventured out to one of my favourite spots at Cape Schanck Lighhouse.

06. Lighthouse and Orion

Virtual Tours

Two Dishes Virtual Tour




If you click on the Virtual Tour thumbnails at the left you should be able to pan and zoom using the buttons at the bottom of the image or just click and drag it with the mouse to pan and use Shift/Ctrl keys to zoom in and out. Adobe Flash player is required.


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  1. Shari:

    Your photography is amazing. I can’t stop viewing all your images and videos! I’m doing a little blog post about your work… It posts on Saturday. I hope you don’t mind my gushing over your accomplishments. 😉

    Are the skies in Australia really that gorgeous at night?

    • terrastro:

      Yes the skies are like that away from the city lights.

  2. Tina:

    This is breath taking! How amazing, and beautiful beyond words. Thanks for sharing your art with the world.

  3. Brian:

    Woah, that truly is amazing. Here in New Jersey, USA we have NOTHING like that. Wow, just wow… I don’t even have words to describe this!

  4. Mark Oliver:

    That is so cool. Did you stay overnight at the cottages at lighthouse? It is really very special and the stars are amazing, but I would have thought the light from the beacon would make long exposures harder to capture.

    Maybe we can add a link to our website (http://www.capeschancklightstation.com.au)

  5. Lisa:

    Thanx for sharing what surely must be like God’s view and intention of “glory” 🙂

  6. Sameer:

    Hey Alex .. AMAZING photography GOOD On YA…

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