Tekapo Starlight

December 6th, 2011

Recently I was involved in a very exciting project – a film crew from Japan invited me to participate in filming a documentary about Lake Tekapo starlight reserve in New Zealand.
Luckily, two nights on South IslandĀ  were clear and I got some nice footage.

The documentary went on air in Japan on national TV (BS Japan) November 27th and here is the announcement with a short preview in Japanese and Google translation

Lake Tekapo on South Island in New Zealand is arguably one of best night sky locations in the Southern Hemisphere. The sky there is seriously dark and the Lake Tekapo village manages to control light pollution nicely (being next to Mt John observatory). The lights in the village can be seen but there is not much scatter above, even in long exposures. The orange glow is only noticeable when reflected by low clouds directly above.

I fell in love with the place and will definitely come back again, hopefully when Aurora Australis is on display.

Virtual Tour

Tekapo Starlight Virtual Tour

height=”100″ Tekapo Starlight

You can see the amazing sky at Lake Tekapo in this 360 degree virtual tour (use mouse to navigate inside)

Night Sky and Light Pollution

The significance of Lake Tekapo pristine night sky without light pollution is recognised world-wide and is being included in the list of UNESCO Starlight Reserves. The World at Night works closely with UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative helping increase public awareness of the importance of dark skies.

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  1. Leigh Reddin:

    Absolutley beautiful shots-what a beautiful country we are lucky enough 2live in….

  2. Alan Watson:

    beautiful photos

  3. David Brown:

    That is some absolutely stunning imagery. Thankyou for sharing these.

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