Together with John Morieson Alex has developed a sky culture of Boorong People which lived in North-West Victoria (Australia) for Stellarium computer program. The Boorong Astronomy is a cultural reconstruction research by John based on William Stanbridge’s address to the Philosophical Institute in Melbourne in 1857.

Boorong Night Sky

Stellarium is an excellent free planetarium program for a computer.  It shows a relatively realistic sky as seen  with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. You can download it here.

Download and Install

To see the Boorong Night Sky please download and install one of the following packages for Stellarium:

  • Installer for MS Windows
    This is an installable version which is easy to use. This setup will configure Stellarium to show Boroong Sky Culture.
    Boorong Sky Culture for Stellarium Installer
  • Standalone version
    More advanced users of Stellarium or Mac users may download and unpack this archive into the SkyCultures directory in Stellarium  profile.
    Please extract boorong folder from the archive to the following folder (create if necessary):
    In MS Windows:
    In Apple Macintosh:


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