I was waiting for the middle weekend in July for quite a while for two reasons:

  • I was going to Parkes, NSW to attend Astrofest held by the Central West Astronomical Society and David Malin astrophotography awards
  • There was a going to be very nice alignment in the early morning sky with Pleiades,  Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Orion constellation, which I hoped to photograph above the Dish

The awards night was exciting and I was extremely happy to find out that my images won two categories and received three honourable mentions (full report to follow).

After the awards dinner I drove to the Dish and watched the clouds come and go. When it started to rain just before the twilight I thought that all was lost, packed up my cameras and drove back for about 5 minutes. Then I looked out of the car window and saw the clearing in the sky which headed towards were I just was. Not thinking for too long I turned the car back, raced back to the Dish, put the camera on the tripod and managed to take just a few images before the sky closed again.

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Annotated image:
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Moments like this make all sleepless nights very worthwhile indeed!

This image was selected for NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (July 19, 2012).


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