Great Christmas Comet Lovejoy

December 26th, 2011

At the conclusion of 2011 stargazers in the Southern Hemisphere were given a magnificent Christmas gift – the Great Comet Lovejoy, discovered by Australian amateur astronomer from Brisbane Terry Lovejoy.

On the morning of December 23rd I was at Cape Schanck, Victoria and the comet rising above the Southern Ocean was as magnificent to see as it appears on these photos.

I also managed to photograph the comet when it was much fainter on December 30th, from Great Ocean Road as seen in this “Little Planet” image stitched from 12 fish-eye photos.

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  1. Salt:

    Great!, I really like your photos. I’ve uploaded your video to my blog Ocean Sky from Vimeo. Just wonderful!. Congratulations on your work. Regards from Spain.

  2. pluto pup:

    I don’t understand this image? Have you overlayed the “stitched” imaes of ground on Earth over the face of the comet? Amazing…and a bit scary!

    • terrastro:

      I took 6 images in a circle with a fish-eye lens to get the whole 360 degree view. Then the 360 image was projected using stereographic projection (like the world map).

  3. Lee paul:

    I have just found your website and I must say I am blown away by some of the fantastic Stella photography! Your passion for astronomy is evident in every image. I have Just started to read the Blog, do you have a RSS feed link? If so please point me to it as I can’t seem to find it.

    Thanks Lee UK

  4. Andrew S:

    Great photos.

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