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Farmland Aurora
A little Aurora action under the crescent Moon on a farm in Central Victoria, Australia

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Hiding Hunter

Setting Orion constellation shines through the branches of a gum tree. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did from behind the camera 🙂

Victoria, Australia
The World at Night - TWAN

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Lunar Diamond Ring

I thought my telephoto shots of the total lunar eclipse in January were ruined by the thin high clouds. But the cloud veil helped in this image, which somewhat mimics the "diamond ring" effect seen during the total solar eclipse.

It is soft and partially overexposed but I thought it looked atmospheric.

I hope you like it 🙂

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The Observatories

in June 2011 I was very lucky to attend the inaugural STARMUS festival on Tenerife and observe with the largest single-mirror optical telescope on the planet – 10-metre GranTeCan. After spending five days at STARMUS listening to and chatting with the great astrophysicists and space legends I decided to dedicate more time to astronomy science and film the observatories around the world.

Liquid Light Show

During our camping holiday at Wilsons Promontory National Park (Victoria, Australia) in December I noticed a glimpse of bioluminescence in the surf. However, the weather was not favourable for night sky photography and I knew I had to return at the earliest opportunity and photograph this phenomenon under the stars. I waited for the next New Moon in January 2013 and ventured out to Squeaky Beach at night. The blue surf started to appear when it became dark and it was amazing to see the blue sparkle as I walked in the water.

Persistent Meteor Trains

A collection of time lapse animations with bright persistent meteor trains – trails of ionised gas in the atmosphere after the meteor appearance.

Photography by Greg Walton & Alex Cherney

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